Our Products

Our Products

Our product line includes everything you need to complete your project on time and on budget. Products range from stock material to customized and engineered cold-formed steel panels. Take a look at our offerings.

Steel Components:

Steel framing components can be ordered for your project in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and coatings. This includes both track and studs. Material can be in generic stock lengths or project specific cut-to-length orders. Given your project specifications, custom inking can be applied to aid in field installation. Service and utility punches can be made to help with mechanical and electrical installation. Custom delivery schedules and in-house storage is available.

Panelized Walls:

Based upon accepted building codes, pre-panelized cold-formed steel walls can be created specific to your project. Panels can include structural headers with window and door openings already in place. Delivered in parts or pre-assembled, custom project labeling will match to your installation plans and typically decreases field installation time by up to 80%.

Trusses, Floors and Truss Systems:

Offering the best strength-to-weight ratio amongst building components, cold-formed steel trusses can be designed to withstand the most rigid engineering constraints. Our trusses can be cut-to-length and delivered in parts or pre-assembled. As with wall panels, our trusses can arrive with custom labeling and/or color coding to aid in field installation.

For additional information, please feel free to inquire about our products by visiting our contact page.